How can I customize the fields in the Sign the Petition form?


You should go at Appearance > Customize > Petition Form and use the Get Petitioner Country / State/Province / Zip/Postal Code / City boxes to add to your form, a field for Country / State or Province / Zip or Postal Code / City.

The Terms & Conditions Acceptance  box will add to your form a Terms and Conditions box.

In the Message Title field you can type in the title for the Message field in your form.

With the help of the fields below, you can change the name of the form fields.


In the Button Label field you can type in the title for your form button.

The Country / State/Province / Zip/Postal Code / City Label can be used to change the text for the Country / State or Province / Zip or Postal Code / City fields of the form.

The Terms & Conditions Label  field can be used to change the text for the Terms and Conditions check box of the form.

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